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Tokai-City Aich-Pref. JAPAN Current Weather Conditions
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This is [The Ena Energy & Environment Laboratory] who lives in Gifu Pref. Ena-City. 
The type of the weather station is [DAVIS Vantage Pro2].
Tokai-City Aich-Pref. Upon 17:40 5/25/18

Instrument Panel

Outdoor Temp Meter  Indoor Temp Meter  Hourly Rain Tank   Daliy Rain Tank   Wind Direction Gauge
Outdoor Temp 28.1Indoor Temp 26.6Hourly Rain 0.0 mmDaliy Rain 0.0 mmWind Direction SSE
Outdoor Humidity Gauge    Indoor Humidity Gauge    SL Barometer Gauge      Wind Speed Gauge 
Outdoor Humidity 43.0Indoor Humidity 49.0SL Barometer 1007.0hPaWind Speed 1.3 m/s
Trend/H   :-1.00/hr
Humidity  :43.0%
Trend/H   :3.12%/hr
SL  Barom :1007.0hPa
Trend/H   :0.43hPa/hr
Wind Dir:From the SSE
Wind Speed:1.3m/s
Wind Gust :1.8m/s
Heat Index:27.9
Wind Chill:28.1
Dew Point :14.3
Rain/H :0.0mm/hr
Rain/D :0.0mm/day
Rain/M :244.3mm/M
Rain/Y :770.9mm/Y

    System Introduction
  This is the Weather Station of which
  individual can do an establishment.

  There are the Thermometer, Hygrometer,
  Anemometer, Barometer, Rain Gauge on
  outside of my house. And, there are
  the Console, Thermometer, Hygrometer,
  Barometer in my house. Each signal is
  converted to digital quantum. They are
  processed in the console.

  The live camera is a still picture. It
  is showing the weather of observation
  point. Please refresh by the browser.

Live Cameras of every place

Today's Extremes

Hi Temp:30.9 15:21

Lo Temp:15.1 4:32

Hi Heat:30.0 15:52

Hi Wind:3.6m/s 17:12

Moon Phase:11 day 77%
        Moon Phase 77%  11 day
Sunrise   :4:42
Sunset    :18:56
Moonrise  :14:37
Moonset   :2:15

24 Hours Graphs
SL Barometer
SL Barom
Hourly Rain
Hourly Rain
Daily Rain
Daliy Rain
Outdoor Temp
Outdoor Temp
Outdoor Humidity
Outdoor Humidity
Wind Direction
Wind Direction
Indoor Temp
Indoor Temp
Indoor Humidity
Indoor Humidity
Wind Speed
Wind Speed
Wind Gust
Wind Gust

New Davis Cabled Weather Station 6152C Vantage Pro2

DAVI Vantag Pro2 Package

DAVIS Vantage Pro2 ISS

DAVIS Vantage Pro2 Console

4 Months Graphs
Outdoor Temp for 4-Month
Outdoor Temp(for 4-Months)
Outdoor Humidity for 4-Month
Outdoor Humidity(for 4-Months)
SL Barometer for 4-Month
SL Barom(for 4-Months)
Daily Rain for 4-Month
Daily Rain(for 4-Months)
Wind Speed and Direction for 4-Month
Wind Speed/Wind Direction(for 4-Months)
View from My House
Please grip the slider under the image with the mouse to see the panorama, and move it.

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